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Love Languages are the 5 basic emotional languages that we all have as human beings, and they speak directly to our hearts. No matter what else your partner does or says to you, when they’re speaking your primary love language, you are feeling overjoyed, appreciated and sincerely loved. When they’re not.. you’re not feeling the love!

The Five Love Languages or basic emotional languages, in no particular order, that we all have are:

  1. Touch
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Quality Time
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Gifts

And according to statistics, approximately 90% of existing couples don’t share the same primary love language! So if you’re lost, dazed & confused in your relationships, then you’ve found the right place to have this discussion.

So how do you know what is your primary love language? I say “primary” because as human beings we have all five, however, one of them is more predominant.

So when do you feel most loved? Most appreciated? When do you really feel special?

Is it when you are touched, hugged, stroked or your partner is holding hand? Then you’re primary love language is probably Touch.

Is it when you’re told how cute or cool you are? How good you look today? Is it when you get congratulated on some achievement or for doing something around the house or work? Then you’re primary love language is probably Words of Affirmation.

Is it when you’re just hanging out with friends? Sharing a laugh, sitting around the dinner table with family or on the phone/messenger/skype chatting with your friends? Sitting on the beach or anywhere else just staring into each others eyes or talking? Then you’re primary love language is probably Quality Time.

Is it when someone does something special for you, like open the car door, help out around the house, teaches you something new or helps you out with a charitable project? Then you’re primary love language is probably Acts of Service.

Is it when you get a gift? Is it when someone bought you a movie ticket, a new piece of jewelry, cloths or perfume/cologne? Then you’re primary love language is probably Gifts.

Get the idea? So through knowing someone’s love language you can make them feel extra appreciated. Whether it’s a woman, a man, a girl, a boy or a friend, a parent, a relative or a neighbor, we all have the same emotional love languages and the earlier you learn about these the faster you’re going to start to have a more rewarding, happy & healthy live and relationships.

One last thing.. when you're feeling really special and appreciated.. when you're feeling really loved and understood.. that's when your Love Tank is full!

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