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Are you within the sexual mean — or off the charts? This line made me curious enough to read the article and so I'd like to start a 10 part discussion on each of these stats, as well as how they relate to your current state of affairs; no pun intended ;-)

Part 1; Why do you do it?

Personally, I love the intimacy of physical contact! I believe that a healthy a vibrant sex life is an integral part of a healthy & strong relationship. I have been accused of going overboard, but can I help it if I get such pleasure out of giving pleasure? Yeah, you heard right, for me, the greatest satisfaction comes in giving satisfaction. It's just the way that I'm wired! Whether an innocent & gentle caress on the beach or a soothing massage, I just get pleasure out of the joy my wife gets when I touch her in a way that gives her pleasure.

I've had relationships in which due to the association my partner had with sex, it just wasn't a mutually pleasurable experience. Those relationships eventually fizzled and I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has been able to maintain a healthy & vibrant relationship, without have a healthy and vibrant, mutually rewarding sex life. You don't have to be a Tarzan swinging from the trees, and you don't have to be hung like a horse (next weeks subject), but it's my belief that you do have to have compatibility on certain levels, and the intimacy part, in my experienced opinion, is definitely one of them!

Now I'm not looking to have 69 little ones running around the house, nor 867 (!!) like my friend the Moroccan Emperor Moulay Ismail, the last Sharifian Emperor of Morocco, but I will admit that I love to practice :-).

If this post is got you thinking about getting home early tonight, open up a bottle of wine, light a candle or two, and enjoy the intimate company of your partner tonight!

What say you about this? Why do you do it?


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